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3 Dimensional Photography

You would think that 3 Dimensional Photography was something that was newly invented, but it is not. With today’s electronics, the same definitions and concepts are used as they were defined in photography all the way back in the 1800′s. The only difference is now that we have 3 Dimensional Printers to deliver 3 Dimensional Photography without the use of darkroom and a roll of film.  The other difference is that you can now save them to your hard drive on computer, tablet, iPad, or cell phone or to memory cards.

The View-masters that we had as kids, in the 1950′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s where products of 3 Dimensional Photography. They were 3 Dimensional Viewers as well as the 3D glasses are today. Stereoscopy is the Greek word, that means to see. Stereoscopic takes binocular vision, back and around the object. These images present two offset images. One is seen by the left eye and is bought all way the way over to the right side of the brain, for interpretation. The other one is seen by the right eye, bought all the way over to the left side of the brain. Our brains then, overlap them so that we see them as one in-depth image.  This is 3 Dimensional.

Kodak started as early in 1840, combining two 2 Dimensional images in film, to get one 3 Dimensional image. While it’s sad to say that film cameras are retired these days and a thing of the past, you could still create 3D images with digital cameras or other electronics. Humans have taken 3D imaging in photography all the way to LCD flat screen TV’s and the Movies as well. For traditional photography check out and view some of the best wedding photos online.

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