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How AC Saved The South and Changed the Nation

The expansion of air conditioning has had a major effect on the economy and quality of life all through our country, especially in the south. One city in particular stands out for the benefits it received from wide use of AC in the south. Corporate headquarters for major corporations such as Coca Cola and Eastern Airlines, plus the hundreds of other world wide companies could never have expanded let alone survived had they chosen Atlanta as a base if their executive staffs were forced to work in the sweltering heat of Georgia. Updating your AC unit? You might want to call for some professional assistance.

The same reasoning could be applied to cities like Las Vegas and Orlando to name just two cities in torrid temperate zones. How well would they have fared if they were forced to deal with the hot temperatures of the desert or the humid heat of Florida.

The country would be an incredibly different place if we all had to depend on the natural and normal temperatures of our country. The sunbelt may well have remained immersed in agriculture or tourism. Cities in the heartland would now be the dominant corporate homes

How miserable would we all be now if we were forced to put up with the miserable summer heat while stuck on a Los Angeles, Chicago or New York traffic jam? Imagine sleepless nights suffering through a miserable night in bed during a stuffy summer night in a breeze-less city home.

Thank you Willis Carrier for inventing Air Conditioning and changing the face of the nation.

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