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Life Without Air Conditioning?

How did we do it? Those of us 50 Years Old or so, did not get to enjoy Air Conditioning until the early teens. A.C. was available here and there , but it seemed it was only in certain places. The first place we got to be cooled by this marvel of ‘Modern Technology’ was of course, in Movie Theaters. Department Stores, and some but not all Grocery stores, also had the refreshing cool air.

Recently a friend moved back to New York State after having lived in Florida for 10 Years. She said ‘If you’ve not been to Florida let me tell you that everything, everywhere, is Air Conditioned. And be assured that that, is by absolute necessity. But having spent several years there, the thought occurred occasionally, that Humans must have inhabited Florida prior to the advent of Air Conditioning. I have no earthly idea how they did it, or why!’. She told me,’ Looking back to childhood, I still don’t grasp how people managed to survive July and the ‘Dog-Days’ of August in New York. One can only imagine how earthlings survived in Florida without A.C. for 9 or 10 Months of the year in that dreadful Heat!’.

We recalled Subway Trains and Buses in New York without ‘Air’ in the depressing Heat of summer. Later on in Life, thanks due to Air Conditioning, we rode Buses and Trains that were sometimes actually Too Cold! Her parents were not very well-off financially ( ‘they had 5 little mouths to feed besides their own’ ), so they did not own an Air Conditioned car till perhaps 1973 or 74. “Sweltering!”, she said.

Now, These Days, I like millions of others on the Planet, due to the wide-spread proliferation, take A.C. for granted, and struggle to recall, Life before ‘Air’. If you are looking to replace your current AC unit give a call to see if they can be of service.

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