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Gunked-Up to Great Gutters

Given the option, most people would prefer to forget about their gutters. But that’s a bad idea. Ignoring this essential part of home ownership can lead to expensive repairs in areas from foundations, to surrounding wood, to landscaping.

The good news is that a home in Arizona, for example, might not need the annual cleaning, which can run from $100 to several hundred or more. Most enterprising businesses will probably notice minor repairs needed when cleaning and/or offer enhanced products or services. Some may even offer a discount for multiple, regularly scheduled cleanings that alleviate homeowner involvement altogether.

But each house is different, and it pays to know the gutters themselves and the specific habits of leaves surrounding a particular property. A homeowner, given his or her comfort level with ladders, should inspect the gutters to determine their maintenance needs. Are spring and fall cleanings necessary? Should an investment be made in some kind of covers that will decrease the amount of cleanings needed? What kind of person should be responsible for the cleaning … are the homeowners themselves competent, or what are the options for well-respected gutter-cleaning businesses in the area? Outsourcing the job requires, at minimum, due diligence into checking whether the gutter-cleaning business is licensed and insured. The last thing a homeowner would want is a lawsuit from a worker who falls from a ladder on his or her property and in turn says that the accident was the homeowner’s fault.

The good news is that there are enterprising, honest gutter-cleaning businesses wherever there are homes, and the Internet and old-fashioned word-of-mouth can help a homeowner find the service provider that’s right for him or her. you could try Angie’s List, Yelp, gutters, and one’s neighbors are a great first step in getting this gunky job done.

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