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3 Dimensional Photography

You would think that 3 Dimensional Photography was something that was newly invented, but it is not. With today’s electronics, the same definitions and concepts are used as they were defined in photography all the way back in the 1800′s. The only difference is now that we have 3 Dimensional Printers to deliver 3 Dimensional Photography without the use of darkroom and a roll of film.  The other difference is that you can now save them to your hard drive on computer, tablet, iPad, or cell phone or to memory cards.

The View-masters that we had as kids, in the 1950′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s where products of 3 Dimensional Photography. They were 3 Dimensional Viewers as well as the 3D glasses are today. Stereoscopy is the Greek word, that means to see. Stereoscopic takes binocular vision, back and around the object. These images present two offset images. One is seen by the left eye and is bought all way the way over to the right side of the brain, for interpretation. The other one is seen by the right eye, bought all the way over to the left side of the brain. Our brains then, overlap them so that we see them as one in-depth image.  This is 3 Dimensional.

Kodak started as early in 1840, combining two 2 Dimensional images in film, to get one 3 Dimensional image. While it’s sad to say that film cameras are retired these days and a thing of the past, you could still create 3D images with digital cameras or other electronics. Humans have taken 3D imaging in photography all the way to LCD flat screen TV’s and the Movies as well. For traditional photography check out and view some of the best wedding photos online.

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How AC Saved The South and Changed the Nation

The expansion of air conditioning has had a major effect on the economy and quality of life all through our country, especially in the south. One city in particular stands out for the benefits it received from wide use of AC in the south. Corporate headquarters for major corporations such as Coca Cola and Eastern Airlines, plus the hundreds of other world wide companies could never have expanded let alone survived had they chosen Atlanta as a base if their executive staffs were forced to work in the sweltering heat of Georgia. Updating your AC unit? You might want to call for some professional assistance.

The same reasoning could be applied to cities like Las Vegas and Orlando to name just two cities in torrid temperate zones. How well would they have fared if they were forced to deal with the hot temperatures of the desert or the humid heat of Florida.

The country would be an incredibly different place if we all had to depend on the natural and normal temperatures of our country. The sunbelt may well have remained immersed in agriculture or tourism. Cities in the heartland would now be the dominant corporate homes

How miserable would we all be now if we were forced to put up with the miserable summer heat while stuck on a Los Angeles, Chicago or New York traffic jam? Imagine sleepless nights suffering through a miserable night in bed during a stuffy summer night in a breeze-less city home.

Thank you Willis Carrier for inventing Air Conditioning and changing the face of the nation.

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Life Without Air Conditioning?

How did we do it? Those of us 50 Years Old or so, did not get to enjoy Air Conditioning until the early teens. A.C. was available here and there , but it seemed it was only in certain places. The first place we got to be cooled by this marvel of ‘Modern Technology’ was of course, in Movie Theaters. Department Stores, and some but not all Grocery stores, also had the refreshing cool air.

Recently a friend moved back to New York State after having lived in Florida for 10 Years. She said ‘If you’ve not been to Florida let me tell you that everything, everywhere, is Air Conditioned. And be assured that that, is by absolute necessity. But having spent several years there, the thought occurred occasionally, that Humans must have inhabited Florida prior to the advent of Air Conditioning. I have no earthly idea how they did it, or why!’. She told me,’ Looking back to childhood, I still don’t grasp how people managed to survive July and the ‘Dog-Days’ of August in New York. One can only imagine how earthlings survived in Florida without A.C. for 9 or 10 Months of the year in that dreadful Heat!’.

We recalled Subway Trains and Buses in New York without ‘Air’ in the depressing Heat of summer. Later on in Life, thanks due to Air Conditioning, we rode Buses and Trains that were sometimes actually Too Cold! Her parents were not very well-off financially ( ‘they had 5 little mouths to feed besides their own’ ), so they did not own an Air Conditioned car till perhaps 1973 or 74. “Sweltering!”, she said.

Now, These Days, I like millions of others on the Planet, due to the wide-spread proliferation, take A.C. for granted, and struggle to recall, Life before ‘Air’. If you are looking to replace your current AC unit give a call to see if they can be of service.

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Designing the perfect kitchen

What goes into designing the perfect kitchen all the right ingredients, of course?

There are so many kitchen remodeling ideas on the open market. Home improvement specialist, first time designers and experience renovations can choose from a large selection of quality products, without going over their preset budget. What are the 3 key factors that homeowners need to focus on, when they are considering undertaking a kitchen remodeling project? To learn more visit for extra assistance on your next remodel.

Choosing the right layout is important. Be sure the layout chosen is the right one. The expense comes in tearing down, taking out and reinstalling products.

Selecting quality appliances that are well built, energy efficient and reasonably priced can save hundreds or perhaps thousands on future repairs and replacements.

Staying within a budget is often the hardest part of renovating. However, staying within a predetermined budget shows discipline; a characteristic that is greatly admired among professionals and business owners.

As long as these 3 priorities are upheld and accounted for, there is no reason why anyone should not have the kitchen they truly deserve. In fact, kitchen modeling is perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of home renovation.

Homeowners who want to create an atmosphere in their kitchen that provides comfort and southern living start with choosing the right. It is important to note, that people who spend an adequate amount of time in their kitchen preparing meals, and serving their families, want to be comfortable in the setting they chose.

This is one reason why choosing the right appliances, cabinets, utensils and other products are essential. Consider whether or not wood cabinets are best, and if so, which type of wood will bring out the decor in the walls and floorings.

Decide which colors are appropriate.Will light pastel colors compliment the chandelier or will a checkered design work best.

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Gunked-Up to Great Gutters

Given the option, most people would prefer to forget about their gutters. But that’s a bad idea. Ignoring this essential part of home ownership can lead to expensive repairs in areas from foundations, to surrounding wood, to landscaping.

The good news is that a home in Arizona, for example, might not need the annual cleaning, which can run from $100 to several hundred or more. Most enterprising businesses will probably notice minor repairs needed when cleaning and/or offer enhanced products or services. Some may even offer a discount for multiple, regularly scheduled cleanings that alleviate homeowner involvement altogether.

But each house is different, and it pays to know the gutters themselves and the specific habits of leaves surrounding a particular property. A homeowner, given his or her comfort level with ladders, should inspect the gutters to determine their maintenance needs. Are spring and fall cleanings necessary? Should an investment be made in some kind of covers that will decrease the amount of cleanings needed? What kind of person should be responsible for the cleaning … are the homeowners themselves competent, or what are the options for well-respected gutter-cleaning businesses in the area? Outsourcing the job requires, at minimum, due diligence into checking whether the gutter-cleaning business is licensed and insured. The last thing a homeowner would want is a lawsuit from a worker who falls from a ladder on his or her property and in turn says that the accident was the homeowner’s fault.

The good news is that there are enterprising, honest gutter-cleaning businesses wherever there are homes, and the Internet and old-fashioned word-of-mouth can help a homeowner find the service provider that’s right for him or her. you could try Angie’s List, Yelp, gutters, and one’s neighbors are a great first step in getting this gunky job done.

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Quick Truck Repair Tips

Trucks are a rugged form of transportation that people utilize on a daily basis. Many professionals rely on trucks for their work, as smaller vehicles simply can not match their power and durability. These heavy duty vehicles, however, can still break down. It is therefore important for truck owners to familiarize themselves with a few truck repair methods.

The American Automobile Association (also known as AAA) is a great service for those who are uninitiated with truck repair. Their annual membership fee is extremely inexpensive, and they offer roadside assistance any time of day, any day of the year. AAA has helped millions of people who would have otherwise been stranded on the road with a malfunctioning truck. It is easy to sign up, and the service is mandatory for any truck owner who puts a lot of miles on their vehicle. If you need repair check out for assistance.

It is also important for truck owners to carry a few essential items with them at all times. A spare tire, a jack, and a tire iron can work wonders for anyone stuck with a flat tire. It is also essential to routinely check the health of the vehicle. A quick brake or oil check every other day can save someone the often expensive hassle of truck repair.

When all else fails, truck owners should consult a local mechanic. This is especially important in cases where an essential part of the vehicle (such as the transmission) is acting up. If possible, have more than one mechanic look at the vehicle to get an objective diagnosis. There’s no harm in being careful when it comes to truck repair, as it will only lengthen the life of the vehicle.

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Apex Real Estate and Homes For Sale

First time home buyers often run circles when it comes to figuring out where to start first. Buying a home can be very exciting, but also stressful. There are a few tips that can help a first time home buyer get to that comfort level they need to make the experience a little more enjoyable. Apex North Carolina is a great place to live and put down roots with your family.

1. Get Pre-Qualified First Time Home Buyers should always get pre-qualified for a home loan when buying a home. There are many options for this, from a personal bank/credit union to local mortgage companies. You can also call a local real estate office and ask them of some lending companies. Getting pre-qualified limits the stress of making sure you have the funding source, and also how much you can afford for your new home.

2. Choose a Realtor Choosing a Realtor like the ones that sell Apex Real Estate opens up a lot of opportunities to First Time Home Buyers. From being able to search through all MLS listings, to knowing what is up and coming on the market. There are also several foreclosed properties that are available that may be the right fit for you. Also, homes that FSBO (for sale by owner) Realtor’s have the inside scoop, so it is always best to choose one to start working with right away!

3. Make a List You, as the buyer need to know exactly what you are looking for when buying a home. The amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. This will save you and your Realtor time. Making the house hunting experience a lot more enjoyable!

4. Be Realistic When it comes to buying a home, First Time Home Buyers can get a little carried away. Ideally, who wouldn’t want that huge mansion on the hill?! Be realistic with your wants, needs and your affordability. Be wise in your decision making!

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Photography in Gulf Shores

For all of those ready to take a trip to the beach and hit the Gulf Shores area you might want to schedule a photo session. One of the things that is so great about the beaches on the Gulf Coast is their beautiful landscape. With the landscape comes the natural desire to take photos and to try and capture that lasting memory that you will cherish for years to come. If you are in the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Area then you need to give a call. They will do a wonderful job for you and Pavel will treat you right. He will take time with small children and is patient in getting the right shot at the right moment. You will have great pictures with Pavel Photography as he takes pride in what he is doing and loves his profession. There is so much to do at the beach and you will not want to have  a vacation without securing a fun photo shoot that you will be able to take home with you and enjoy for years to come. Most of the time photos are taken in the evening hours to capture the perfect light, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the day, swim at the beach, layout in the sun or do some shopping. Vacations are all about relaxing and making memories. What better way to make memories than with some nice photos.

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Cary North Carolina Homes

Just ran across this site that I think you can benefit from if you are looking to buy a home in the Cary North Carolina area. Check out and you will find a bunch of different elements to help you with your selling or home purchasing quest. Needless to say the buying or selling a home is a journey and comes with painstaking and time consuming tasks. There is normally a bunch of research that you have to do to get ready for either buying or selling real estate. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare well, but I believe as many others do that as you prepare you will reap the benefits of that preparation in great financial rewards or in financial savings. If you like to read and research buying tips this site has what you are looking for. They offer a lot of articles and help with everything from fixing your home up to the entire mortgage process. I believe that you can’t go wrong if you employ a very seasoned and knowledgeable real estate team to work on your behalf. The folks at would like to assist you with your real estate selling or buying needs. They have an understanding of the market and can give you the advice you need and the insights to help you be a wiser shopper. When you are in the market for shopping homes in the Cary NC area give these guys a call.

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Real Estate in The Chapel Hill Area

It’s that time of year again when the warm weather is just right around the corner and it’s time for the real estate market to begin to get a little busier. It’s also the time of year that we begin to purchase new homes in lieu of the kids getting ready to get out of school and make the move during the summer hours. The real estate market is picking up and there are many homes on the ground for folks to look at. It’s always a good idea to begin looking in the spring as many folks are putting their homes up for sale and you may have an opportunity to get the deals before the rest of the summer crowd starts their searches. When researching homes it’s a great idea to browse around and find out whats on the market. Then you will want to bring in the realtor of choice to help you negotiate and handle all the leg work of the new home purchase. If you are looking in the Chapel Hill Real Estate area then I would give a ring. They are experts in the Chapel Hill market and can help with you with all your home buying needs. Their website is comprehensive as well with a ton of resources for you to choose from and use to make you a more informed buyer. It’s a great time to buy so get out there and get your new home that you have been waiting for.

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Locating Chapel Hill Homes For Sale

Finding homes in particular cities is an easy process if you find the right website. So many realtor sites have a lot of information but don’t really provide you what you are needing as a potential home buyer. What you really want is to be able to search without the hassle of a realtor hounding you. Most sites don’t are not really set up with a extensive search functionality and thus don’t really offer the potential buyer a very good experience. If you are looking for Chapel Hill homes for sale then there is a website that you will want to check out. Check out for a very extensive search experience. Here you can find all the homes in the area that are listed for sale and can search by a number of variables. Also you will be able to research information related to buying and selling homes. When you have the knowledge you need to purchase a home you will be able to get the best deal possible. You need to arm yourself with knowledge of the area and with comparable sales in the neighborhood that you are choosing.

The market is still in a good position for those wanting to buy, so if that is you then check out the site and see what you find. You might just find the perfect home. Chapel Hill offers a great community and place to call home in addition to nationally known universities and educational establishments. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to find a great place to live and not knowing where to look to get the information you need. Also on the website you will find local information about schools, the city, and neighborhoods. It really is a comprehensive site about Chapel Hill and one that will aid you in your home buying process.

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Moving Companies

If you are looking for a moving company you know how difficult that can be. The one thing you don’t want to trust to just anyone is all of your possessions and you never really know what you are getting when it comes to movers. Now if you live in South Baldwin county or you are moving to South Baldwin including the areas of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Foley Alabama you will do yourself a favor and give Robinson Moving Company a call. This Orange Beach moving company is well known in the area and have lived and served in this area for over 20 years. Plenty of experience and excellent customer service offers you the moving experience that you deserve.

They also are very careful with all of your assets and furniture and take pride in taking care of their customers. You wont go wrong by using Robinson Moving company for your next move in South Alabama. They are licensed and insured to ease your mind about their service. Also they are family owned and operated and maintain the quality of the moves they make. Don’t make the mistake by just hiring anyone with a moving truck. Make sure you hire someone that will take care of your property and treat you with professionalism.

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Naperville Attorneys

We just recently had a situation that required us to contact a lawyer. The first choice didn’t work out so we contacted another just to find out that they didn’t want to take the case. Searching for lawyers is not an easy task since you really want the right firm to represent you and offer you the greatest chances of a successful claim. Most people just search the internet or ask for a friends recommendation when choosing an attorney. Often times it’s an endless chase and search to find the right one. One of the best ways to search for lawyers in Naperville Illinois is to visit where you can search for the right lawyer in the right location. If you live in Naperville it is likely you will want to have a local firm representing you that can be available to you when you need them. Accessibility to your firm is important due to the amount of questions that can surface when litigation is imminent. On this site you can find all kinds of attorneys that can meet your needs, from bankruptcy to injury lawyers, to social security claims to family law. It doesn’t matter what your need is there is a possibility you will find an attorney on this website to meet it.

It can be very difficult when you have a need and cant find the right firm to represent you. On this site you can get information and phone numbers about each firm that may make it easier for you to choose the right one. Having them all listed on one site does make it easier than visiting each individual lawyer sites just to not find the right one so you have to keep searching. Naperville Illinois has quite a few lawyers and this site is the right choice to make for your attorney search.  

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Choosing A Lawn Care Service

It’s spring time and the weather is getting warmer, people are going outside and a lot of people are getting itchy to get their lawns in shape and in order. What does it take to properly care for a lawn and to make you the envy of your neighbors. One thing for sure is that it takes work, and not just work but a lot of work goes into maintaining a yard. When you get right down to it, it may be better if you actually hire the work out. This is where it get a little tricky. See you trust yourself, but you don’t always trust the contractor that is just trying to make a buck. If you are in the Wheeling Illinois area you might want to check out This site will be able to offer you a first hand look at some of the top lawn care providers in that area. Here you will be able to accumulate the contact information and give them a call to see how you really feel about their customer service, their offerings, and their work. You will want to get referrals so that you can check them out first, just to make sure the kind of work they are doing is the kind of work you expect for your home lawn. It’s always a good thing to check companies out first and a good website to do that is just the ticket. So check them out today. You will be glad you visited the site and got the information you need.

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Skokie Illinois Auto Repair

Ever try to find an auto repair shop in Skokie, Illinois? Ever try to find a quality auto mechanic anywhere? It is one of the toughest things to do, since we have all had the bad stories about the auto mechanic that burned us and took us for a ride. You will take your car in for one thing and then the mechanic comes back out with 3 other things wrong with your car. What are you to do. You want your car fixed and you don’t know how to check it yourself. Plus you don’t know if the mechanic actually caused the other problems while he was checking the issue you brought the car into the first place. Well, you should check out if you want to find quality auto repair shops. This site allows you to browse auto repair mechanics and compare the services.

You can look at pictures or watch a video if they have one about what they offer and how they offer it. You can also read descriptions about the business or services and then call the ones that you feel comfortable with. This allows you to qualify the shop and find the one that can meet your needs the best. This takes some of the guess work out of things and can offer you a little more peace of mind when looking to turn your prize possession over to a repair shop. We all know how difficult this process can be and it’s good to know that there are websites out there that can offer a little help with this problem. So if you are in the Skokie area or in the surrounding areas check out the site. It may save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches and we all need that from time to time.

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Pure Drinking Water

Don’t risk your life or health when it comes to drinking water. There are many know problems with the water that we are drinking and even lawsuits have been filed to protect communities from drinking harmful water. The most popular lawsuit was actually put into production as the the movie Erin Brokovich. It makes sense to realize that we don’t always know what is in our water system and what pollutants are finding their way in. Most of the time we just have to trust our city officials or those that operate the water treatment facilities in our towns with making sure that the water they are providing is not filled with harmful chemicals. The rise of this distrust has made many shift to bottled water, feeling that there may be a higher level of accountability and therefore cleaner water for us to consume.

Even with bottled water you can still have contaminants. Some even believe that the plastic that the water is bottled in can harm you. The fact remains is that we just don’t know and most of the water products are manufactured for one reason and that is money. Money drives the worlds economy and therefore businesses must make money. I think most of us understand that money is the driving force not a moral or ethical code or responsibility to provide a certain product to consumers.

This is why we as consumers have to be savvy when it comes to what we are putting in our bodies. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. One way to do that is to use a water filtering system such as the Berkey, which will free you from worrying about different types of problems in the water. This filtering system is proven to remove 99.99 percent of all contaminants, thus giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to consuming water with your family.

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The Best Water Filter

Have you ever wondered what the best water filter out there is when it comes to purifying your drinking water? There are so many water filters and some have very lofty promises about their ability, features and effectiveness. There is a water filter, however that you can count on to do what it claims it would do. The Berkey water filter is the best water filter for your home water filtering needs. No need to worry about those contaminants that find their way into your water system and you having to drink them. There is a growing concern about the quality of our home water and this obviously is different from location to location and from state to state. Though water quality may change geographically, one thing remains, and that is our concern for our health. Water pollution is a very easy way for sickness and disease to enter your body. Using the Berkey water filter will eliminate 99.99% of the pollutants and thus making your family breathe easier and live a more stress free life. Just knowing that the water our kids are drinking is safe takes a lot off our minds and gives us a better quality of life.

The Berkey water filter system has been tested and proven and it is also an easy system to have in your home. No electricity is needed since it use a gravity feed mechanism to filter the water. The next time you take a drink of water out of your sink think about what you are drinking. If you are not sure of the quality of your tap water, then have it tested by a professional. If your water is found to have damaging pollutants, then think of Berkey. You can also visit this website for more information about the best water filter system available.

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Have you ever decided to get one of the those projects completed that has been lingering for months or even years? There is always something to get done around the house and for many of us it involves painting. Painting is one of those jobs that no one really likes to do but doesn’t really want to pay anyone to do it either. It can be expensive to hire a professional company to come in and tackle a painting project. One of the cool things though is that you may actually be able to find someone affordable if you look hard enough. Since this field falls around the laboring category some companies find it hard to keep the same employees and then end up having high turnaround rates. These turnaround rates make it difficult to keep prices low because usually there is a lot of training involved with new employees.

If you can find a good painter then you have found a good thing and I would stick with them. You can certainly paint walls or fences your self, but do you really have the time or energy to accomplish the task in the time frame that you desire. Often times the project seemed easier in your head, but when you went to actually do it, the job became an enormous headache. If you need a good painter and you live in the Chicago or Highland Park area you should check out to find some of the best painters in the area. You will be able to compare and review painters so that you can get the best one for you job or home. It can be a real hassle trying to find a good painter and a website like this one can sure go along way in helping you weed through the options. Use to find phone numbers and descriptions of the businesses and get a better understanding of their services and if what they do can really meet your needs. It’s about time there was a place to go to search for painters. Check out the site when you get a chance.

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WordPress Tutorials and Videos

The famous WordPress blog platform is gaining in popularity not only as a blog platform but also as a website CMS platform. There are so many things you can do with WordPress that it almost doesn’t pay to have a customized website anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are situations where a full customized solution is necessary, but for most applications WordPress can do the trick.

There are some resources out there that will help you navigate the world of WordPress and one that you need to look at is This site helps you figure out all the basics and not so basics about operating a WordPress site. If you are out there looking to sharpen your WordPress Skills this is a great resource. They have WordPress video tutorials on topics such as how to seo your wordpress site, how to make posts, how to change out your favicon, adding new users, many videos about plugins and how to use them effectively, how to install Google Analytics to your blog or website, and a whole lot more.

WordPress is not just for blogging, which opens up so many opportunities for website innovation. Many realtors are making the transition to WordPress so that they reduce their monthly cost and with such a vibrant CMS, it meeds all of their needs. WordPress is also easy to use, though it is a good idea to get a little help along the way to help you maximize your effectiveness. WP Coaches can help with all of your WordPress needs. You wont have to read a WordPress manual with these guys. They give you videos that are easy to understand and follow. This is the kind of tutorial that makes learning easy.

If you are in the market to learn something new and WordPress in on your menu. Give a try. I believe you will be happy you did.

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Branding Ideas For Realtors

Years ago it made perfect sense to brand yourself and to connect with your local community. Today it takes a more complicated approach that not only includes branding yourself for the local community but being highly visible to those outside your communities. Before the days of internet a realtor needed to be popular within the local community and to advertise consistently in local advertising channels such as newspapers and magazines. While all of that is still good to do today an much more broader approach needs to be realized. To learn about Chapel Hill Homes visit 

One of the best ways to capitalize on a broader branding approach is using the internet effectively. Realtors need to know that the first thing they need is a website with great searching capabilities. People that are looking for homes want to search homes, not realtors. A website with easy search functions will go along way in keeping the prospective buyer on the site. If the home buyer continually uses the realtors site to search homes, then once they find a home that suits them they will call the number on the website giving the realtor a highly targeted lead.

Of course for potential buyers to find the a realtors website the website will need to be found. SEO is the best option for this and can really get your website to the forefront of the search engines. Whichever method you choose for your marketing and branding efforts, one thing is for sure. You will need to be found on the internet to capture today’s potential buyers. The days of the mom and pop realtor are slowly fading away. As the internet takes shape and grows, realtors will need to be creative and utilize the changing nature of the potential home buyer. You can learn more about the real estate market at Chapel Hill Realty

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